What about piracy? Is my content secure?

No digital content is 100% secure. A motivated hacker can crack any DRM system in common use. iPhone apps are no exception.

Fortunately, the iPhone does have inherent security features which are good enough to make piracy the least of your worries as a newbie app publisher. So, don’t let the fear of piracy hold you back from publishing for the iPhone. For now, you need only make yourself familar with the way in which iPhone piracy does occur.

Search online for “Jailbroken iPhone” and you’ll see there’s a solid movement of folks who like to make life more interesting by tinkering with their iPhone’s deepest technology. They download software patches which will do things to the iPhone that Apple really don’t want anyone to do, such as connect to any mobile carrier and not just the carrier Apple insists you use. Jailbroken phones can also be made to get pirated apps for free. There are those who are very concerned by this, but I for one am not too worried by iPhone piracy. I’m not worried because Apple definitely is worried. Apple really, really doesn’t want the iPhone to be a piracy enabler. The firm will go to remarkable lengths to keep jailbreakers in check.

If Apple detects that a phone is jailbroken then it will permanently disable it via the iPhone’s software update feature.  Many jail-breakers have been caught out this way. It’s true that many have evaded detection – the jailbreaking community is smart and nimble – but the point is that not many of us would risk having our expensive phone rendered useless.

Jailbreaking is for the uber-geek (I use the term fondly). There’s not too many uber-geeks. Let them steal your stuff. Let them run the risk of turning their phone into a £400 brick. I’d rather worry about the other 30 million iPhone/iTouch users who are happy with their phone just as it is. In fact, one of the things I love about phones in general is that, unlike my PC, they’re quite hard to muck up by tinkering. I think most of the world’s 4 billion mobile phone owners think the same way. Your content is probably safe with a significant majority of them.


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