What can London Smartphone do for me?

The short answer is that London Smartphone can help you work out what to publish, how much you should pay and then develop and publish it for you. The longer answer is that London Smartphone’s clients benefit from its commercial experience of publishing across literally dozens of information topics, ranging from business, medicine, history, computing, personal finance and self-help, to name a few.

– Advice on publishing strategy
The founder, Jason Dunne, has published market-leading consumer and professional information products for some of the world’s largest publishing companies. See here for a full list of titles commissioned by Jason Dunne and here for his professional biography.

– Advice on costs and procurement
Clients benefit from London Smartphone’s relationships with freelance developers and agencies. London Smartphone can write a technical specification for your app and then circulate a request for tender among an extensive list of programmers; you’ll be presented with a choice of programmers’ quotes, plus a recommendation. Clients can then choose whether to project manage in-house or have London Smartphone look after the entire development and publishing process.


London Smartphone’s offering is tiered to reflect three very different stages of app development.

Stage 1 – Initial Consultation – Everything you ever wanted to know about mobile apps
£400 per day

– Ideal for senior managers seeking strategic advice, or for executives from content and marketing seeking practical advice on creating apps
– Up to a full day at client’s offices
– Presentation from London Smartphone about the iPhone opportunity, covering market size, revenue models, success stories, strategic and technical considerations and limitations.
– Open-ended Q&A session from client, meeting as many employees as necessary. Any client questions that cannot be answered on the day will be researched immediately afterwards, then written up & circulated.
– Concludes with strategic recommendations from London Smartphone

Stage 2 – “I know what I want to do, but I don’t know what it should cost”
£750 flat rate for drawing up a technical specification for your app and obtaining price quotes

– London Smartphone to visit clients office to gather user requirements, then to draw up a technical specification for target app, before writing the specification and circulating among developers to obtain a range of price quotes.
– Unusually complex apps may require additional fees – client will be notified in advance.

Stage 3 – “I know what I want but don’t have the time to make it myself”
£400 per day; flat rates or budget caps negotiable

– Project management from first idea to publication of your app on iTunes. Includes all stage 2 services + publication on iTunes + marketing and awareness consultancy for launching your app.

Please note all prices are exclusive of VAT.

Finding out for yourself

Uniquely, Jason Dunne also hosts a monthly “seminar and social” event in central London – the iPhone & Smartphone Publishers and Developers meetup – designed to help novice clients meet developers and other app publishers in person. The event is free, non-affiliated and open to all, although you’ll need to register.  In addition to socialising in a friendly atmosphere, attendees also benefit from event’s free seminar programme, where interesting and successful folk from the mobile world present their case histories and personal views. Previous speakers include:

– Luke Johnson, Channel 4 chairman and noted entrepreneur
– Ravi Damani, co-founder of Across Air and one of the UK’s foremost exponents of augmented reality
– venture capitalist Nic Brisbourne, author of The Equity Kicker blog and one of the UK’s best known VC commentators.
– Dave Castelnuovo, creator of the smash hit iPhone app “Pocket God”, which sold over one million copies on iTunes in just six months.
– Kostas Eleftheriou, creator of iSteam, one of the UK’s biggest hits on the iPhone, as featured in The New York Times.
– Veteran mobile games producer/programmer John Chasey, CEO of tech companies Finblade and Metismo.

The evenings are an enjoyable and friendly way to ease yourself into the industry. Attendees come from a wide range of industries, from investors to photographers to programmers to book publishers.


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